Under Pressure
Under Pressure


Hot/Cold Power Washing

Window Cleaning - Gutter Cleaning

House Cleaning Service

Keeping your Home and Business Spotless 

Inside and Out


BBB Accredited Business

About Us


We strive for a transparent business experience that offers quality, reliability and friendliness every time so our customers feel special. 

Your satification is our main concern

What We Offer

  Some of our Services Include: 


Building Exterior, Concrete Cleaning, House Washing

Vinyl, Wood, Stucco, and Metal Exteriors

Vinyl Siding Restoration

Awning Cleaning

Window Cleaning


Standard Cleaning

Sweeping, Mopping, Vacuuming, and Dusting

Cleaning & Disinfecting Kitchens and Bathroom

Deep Cleaning

Standard cleaning as well as

Cleaning inside Appliances, Cleaning Baseboards & Trim, 

and more

Move-In Move-Out Cleaning

Deep Cleaning as well as 

Cleaning & Disinfecting inside Cabinets,

Cleaning Light fixtures, Wiping down Walls,

and More.

Ask us about our 

Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual 

Service we offe

Your Business is Ours

We are fully Licensed/Insured/Bonded and BBB Accredited Business 

to assure our customer that we stand behind the services we offer. 

We customize our services to meet your specific needs. 

We have the latest equipment and our products are high-quality 

and environmentally friendly 

to assure safety for people, pets, and landscaping.

We focus on the details. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed.


Exterior Eco-Friendly cleaning products

Kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae 

No environmental hazards - breaks down to oxygen, 

water and sodium carbonate (soda ash).

Safe for people, pets, plants

Interior Eco-Friendly cleaning products

Kills 22 different types of viruses, fungi, 

and bacteria, including E. coli, salmonella, and more.

Safe for people, pets, plants

Keeping Your Home and Business Spotless 

Inside and Out.

Giving Back to the Community

SCFS before

South Columbia Family School ~ Warren, OR

We're grateful for the opportunity to give back to our community by 

donating our services.

Building Exterior Cleaning

Helping to keep a clean and healthy environment for our future.

Concrete Cleaning

Keeping concrete free of dirt, mold, and moss helps keep a safe passage to and from school.

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